1. Holiday Safety December 2018


It's that time of year when our schedules get a little disrupted and crazy!  Please remember that our pets don't keep track of the calendar so they don't understand our changing and frantic lifestyle.  All the decorating and holiday activities can be confusing to them.  Not to mention the extra entertaining, company, and holiday menus. It's wonderful to include our "best friends" in all of these activities.  Even dressing them up in holiday attire can be fun.  But if you decide to do so, please do a little preparation and training beforehand.  Before the big event, play with them, dress them up, teach them that this is fun so they will be used to the activity prior to the party.  Remember, your pet looks to you as the leader so it is important for you to be calm, patient and gentle at all times.

It is important at this time to try and keep to your pet’s regular schedule of feeding, exercise, playtime and training.  It is also important to insure their safety by making sure that they are not fed harmful foods like chocolate, sweets, onions, holiday greenery and other plants or foods that may be poisonous.  Also be sure your pet doesn't get tangled up with (or eat!!) decorations, glitter, tinsel, lights, ribbon and wrapping paper.  Remember to keep a close eye on them when company is coming and going.  It can be very easy for them to slip out the door unnoticed and get lost!!

This time of year can be a very active and emotional time for our pets and us.  They often provide the comfort and support that helps us stay on track. Let's be sure we give comfort and support to them also.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for the holiday!  Make sure your pets have ID tags.  Keep them on a leash whenever you are out.  Protect them from loud.  They can cause a panic in many pets.  Consider having a pet-only area during the hectic times with fun stuff for them and calming music.  Remember, they like their routines and don't understand most of the strange things their goofy humans do.

Have a safe and happy holiday,

Poseidon and Family 





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