5. How To Get A Great Pet Photo

Follow some simple rules for a great photograph of your pet.

  • Keep the background simple. The colors of the background should contrast with the color of the pet.
  • Get your pet's attention for a great expression —make a noise or toss or squeak a toy. Be careful to keep these accessories out of the line of the camera lens.
  • Enlist help —get someone else to toss toys, whistle, and help position the pet.
  • Shoot photos outdoors. Natural lighting is always best.
  • Get down to their level —position the camera at their height rather than shooting down from your standing position.

Or you can do it like I do.

  • Get out the phone or camera.
  • Choose a suitable background for the photo.
  • Remove the puppy from the trash and brush off the coffee grounds.
  • Mount the phone or camera on a tripod and check focus.
  • Find the puppy and take the dirty sock from his mouth.
  • Place the puppy in the pre-focused spot and return to the camera.
  • Forget about that spot and crawl after the puppy.
  • hold phone or camera with one hand and fend off the puppy with the other hand.
  • Get a tissue and clean the nose print from the lens.
  • Check to see who is calling you when you are busy.
  • Put cat outside and put peroxide on the scratch on the puppy’s nose.
  • Put magazine back on the coffee table.
  • Try to get the puppy’s attention by squeaking a toy over your head.
  • Replace your glasses and check camera for damage.
  • Jump up in time to grab puppy and say, “No, outside! No, outside!”
  • Call spouse to clean up mess.
  • Fix a drink.
  • Sit back in the Lazy Boy with drink and resolve to teach the puppy to “Sit” and “Stay” first thing in the morning.  Call a professional photographer.

(Aunt Dayle and Uncle Mike got me this great new friend to chew on.  Ok it's a toy bear.)