Did You Know

The coldest temperature recorded in Anchorage Alaska (at the original weather station at Merrill Field) was -38° F February 3, 1947.

The coldest temperature recorded in all of Alaska was -80° F at Prospect Creek January 23, 1971.

It may have colder but the weather station stopped working at -79°.


Fire Island was originally named "Turnagain Island".  Can't confirm when it officially changed but a popular opinion of why is because when all the fireweed are blooming it looks like it is on fire from the air.


The "Valley of the Moon" Park between 17th Avenue and Chester Creek in Anchorage was named after a novel by American writer Jack London that took place in the Sonoma Valley in California.____________________________________________________________________________

Jewel Lake in Anchorage is located at the end of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and was named from the air.  When the pilots flew over the lake they said it sparkled like diamonds.  It was campared to jewels, and eventually the name became official.____________________________________________________________________________

Anchorage started as a tent city along ship creek in 1915 as the headquarters of The Alaska Railroad.  The railroad was constructed from the port of Seward to the gold fields in the Fairbanks area.

During its construction alcohol was banned from the Anchorage town site.  Ed Olson ("Lucky Swede") was among those who began supplying people in the Anchorage area with Moonshine from the cove at the mouth of Chester Creek, before the dam was built to create Westchester Lagoon.  They ferried the moonshine across the creek to customers by Dory. The cove was eventually named Bootlegger Cove.